About Us

HEAL is a non-profit organisation incepted in the year 2000 working for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society particularly women and children. It aims to bring about sustainable development through the means of generating awareness in the areas of  Health, Education, Women Empowerment and Environment.

HEAL Believes that Investing in women’s health is essential to building viable urban communities. HEAL targets four large public health areas- Maternal and Newborn Health, Child Health and Nutrition, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Prevention of Violence against Women and Children.

HEAL believes in imparting Learning through functional literacy and informal training sessions by giving capital Value-Based Education and Life Skills.

HEAL also believes in giving children a childhood which otherwise they would not have.

As the name suggests HEAL stands for Health, Education, Awareness, and Learning. True to its name, the organisation has been imparting health to the people living in the slums who have no such access to the health facilities. Often, they go to the quacks or traditional healers who only misguide them. HEAL addressed the issues in a more systematic way by bringing awareness and creating more interest for learning among people.

Education is another area of major intervention of HEAL among the slum dwellers. Play school and informal learning for children, adolescents, and women are among many such activities. The organization believe that ultimately it is the education that brings about sustainable change among communities. HEAL believes that a healthy mother and healthy child is the route to a productive and developed nation. HEAL dreams that every individual irrespective of his/her social class or social status has access to quality healthcare.

The overall approach of the organisation is to fulfil the educational, livelihood, health and legal needs of the marginalised community through awareness and learning programmes.

With the Unconditional support of dedicated members, volunteers and well-wishers HEAL is confident to touch many more lives and empower the downtrodden and women and children in the days to come.
HEAL is looking forward to collaboration with government and partner with Companies under their CSR activities. HEAL wants benevolent donors to come forward and light the lives of many people and be a socially conscious element in the grassroots.

Women Empowerment

HEAL Ngo believes a strong, independent mother serves as a role model for her family, and is one encourages her children to have healthy attitude towards gender issues. So HEAL Ngo has been vocal about it by raising awareness, by having regular meetings and discussions about the women’s issues that  women in slum face. As mostly women in the slum communities lack basic literacy they are motivated to start attending classes to gain knowledge. Most of these women either stay at home or they work in nearby localities as domestic workers/factories where they have to face lot of issues because they are uneducated and because of their gender they are discriminated. We give them awareness regarding their rights, child care, basic knowledge, and offer counselling when required.

HEAL Ngo has programs which incorporate spoken English training, life skills, IT skills and vocational courses. 

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HEAL believes in empowering young girls of the slums to blossom their personalities. The young minds can future be potential Community Volunteers.They are trained to be future leaders of the community they dwell in. Peer learning is encouraged during these meetings as it helps in identifying community based role models.


HEAL devouts a fair chunk of their time to home-visits to ensure equitable coverage to all households for systematic programme implementation. During the course of a home visit CWs identity the quadrant in which the families health needs all in materanal & newborn health, sexual & reproductive health, child health, & nutrition and violence against women and children. Later CWs provide topicspecific information, guidance and support to the family members of the community.

HEAL Focuses on Education

HEAL Ngo believes in the saying “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Education is Empowerment. It is both the means as well as the end to a better life.  It is the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one’s awareness about everything around – be it  healthcare or  appropriate social behaviour or knowing individual rights.  It is a process which finally leads to transformation and also helps one be a better citizen of his motherland and mother Earth.

As HEAL Ngo believes education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. It has focussed on Early childhood education , Primary Education and Non-Formal Education for all the dropouts in the slums.A lot of youth who have dropped out of school are encouraged to complete their education by enrolling in NIOS . Besides academics, students are also provided English-speaking classes and life-skill education too. The mothers too are encouraged to join their children and become educated.

HEAL Ngo encourages participation of women from the community and they learn basic literacy which increases their self-confidence and pride.

HEAL President's Message

Grace Saxena

“YOU CANNOT ALWAYS DO GREAT THINGS, BUT YOU CAN DO LITTLE THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE”- Mother Teresa  Grace Saxena has been working in the development sector for more than 20 years. She is especially passionate about giving voice to unheard sections of the society especially women and children on their neglected issues and needs like basic educational rights, health rights, menstrual hygiene, violence against women, child rights at all. Grace terms her time spent with people in the different slums of India as one of her biggest learning personally and professionally. A graduate in psychology and law and an MBA in Hospital Administration Professionally. She firmly believes in the saying  “NEVER SAY `NO’,NEVER SAY ‘I CANNOT’ FOR YOU ARE INFINITE. ALL THE POWER IS WITH IN YOU. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.” — Swami Vivekanda