Child Sexual Abuse

“The world is a dangerous
place to live, not because of the
people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

-Albert Einstein

According to ChildLine India, a helpline service provided by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, within 11days of lockdown, over three lakh abuse cases and 92,000 SOS calls have been reported. The demand for child pornography has also increased during the lockdown. These statistics are themselves so perturbing.

Child Sexual Abuse Is rampant all across the nation be it metros or small town’s or villages.

The statistics show that majority of abusers are known to the child and are often in position of trust and power vis-à-vis the child.

By conducting these awareness sessions HEAL Ngo aims to bring about a significant change as to teach the child how to call for safety, and learn how to spot signs of abuse or predatory behaviour. Safe touch and Bad touch are taught to the younger lot so that they’re aware. 
Legal talks on POCSO Act have also been conducted in various communities and schools to raise awareness regarding the laws that exist in our country regarding this crime. 

Terms like consent, personal boundaries, reporting and resolution mechanisms, how to facilitate environments, create safe spaces, and an attitude of empathy and care towards victims and survivors, are largely discussed in all of these sessions conducted by HEAL Ngo.