Education – Digital Literacy


This pandemic has affected all of us in a small or a big way but most affected victims of the pandemic are children who now have no access to schools. While a lot of children from well-to-do background have access to online classes, poor slum children are still deprived of learning as they have no access to laptops/computers or smart phones. These children especially the girl children have had really difficult journeys, having fought the shackles of poverty, child labour, early child marriage pressure and much more to finally reach school. But the pandemic has reversed their years of struggle. For lakhs of such children, education has come to a halt. Let’s not forget the future belongs to them! but as they can’t afford smart phones neither can they count on support of parents for attending online classes.

HEAL Ngo through its DIGITAL LITERACY CAMPAIGN  wants to provide these underprivileged children access to continuous learning during the Pandemic. 

HEAL requests all of you to join hands with us to help these little dreamers continue their education by donating us cash or used/new laptops/computers or any functioning smartphones.