Maternal and Newborn Health

HEAL has been promoting maternal health and safe deliveries for women in vulnerable settlements. We believe in strenghtening PHC- Primary HealthCare systems. 

We facilitate the formation of voluntary women’s groups that can address community health needs and promote healthy practices by busting many myths which make them hesistant to deliver babies in hospitals , particularly for maternal and newborn health. These groups  presence within the

community enables them to reach more women, specifically in emergencies. We build their capacity to enable them to serve as an effective resource pool for their community. By facilitating hospital visits we try to ensure that the women in slums are aware about the benifits of hospital deliveries.

Menstrual Hygiene

HEAL Ngo focuses on breaking the silence on taboo topics like Mensuration in our society by engaging in healthy group discussions and normalising it. It gives them knowledge about the importance of using sanitary napkins and it’s wants all women to be able to have access to sanitary pads when they bleed. It wants Period Poverty to end.  HEAL ngo has always been focussed on Gender Equality… it wants young girls and women to celebrate their womanhood and not curse it. HEAL ngo aims to bring about tangible change by breaking such stereotypes.